The Art of Self-Empowerment with Friederike Kleinert

5 Tage Asien, Indonesien, Bali
beautiful location - daily workshops on mindfulness - balinese fire ceremony - vision journaling workshop - sharing circles - daily morning yoga & breathwork class - evening events (yoga nidra, sound bath, mantra meditation etc.) - 4 nights accommodation - 2 daily organic vegan meals & afternoon snack

Ab  1.690,00


The Art of Self-Empowerment: Yoga, Breath, Meditation & Sound

Get away from the everyday hustle to Bali, the island of gods. During this retreat you will embark on a journey of slowing down, creating self-awareness and cultivating presence. Our time together is fully dedicated to rediscover the power that lies deep within each one of us – the power to transform the way we live.

You will move with intention, enjoy nourishing vegan food and share laughter and tears with other like-minded women from across the world. Together we will sit in powerful meditation and breathwork sessions, open our hearts through journaling and experience deep relaxation through Yoga Nidra and Sound Baths.


In a world that constantly tries to convince you that you are not whole and lack something external, the time has come to take your power back and connect back with yourself. We all hold the power to transform our life according to our most authentic self – it just seem that we have forgotten how to access and utilize this ever present force. The retreat embraces the vision to bring people closer together and create spaces where you can show up authentically, without the fear of being judged. During our guided classes, interactive workshops and sharing circles, we will explore presence, authenticity and embodiment, following this vision.

The Art of Self-Empowerment follows a holistic approach that includes all aspects of human being: body, mind & soul. We will tap into the power of movement, breath, meditation, sound and self-awareness practices – all with the intention to connect with ourselves and become fully present. We will create space for joy, inspiration and truth by building mind-body connection and learning mindfulness practices.

After this retreat you will feel emotionally balanced, grounded, inspired to live your desires and have made new beautiful friendships with women from across the world.

Yoga & Mindfulness

Through mindfulness and embodiment practices you will learn tools and rituals that bring more joy and sacredness into your daily life. The daily morning yoga classes are grounded in more slow-paced and mindful movements. Thereby a mixture of hatha and vinyasa yoga that is not about moving your body in complicated ways will be teached. You will rather move intentionally, guided by the breath and connected with your body.

Besides our movement classes, we will also practice various breathwork techniques and sit in different types of meditation daily. Additionally, you will experience the healing power of sound and mindful listening. Through intuitive or guided journaling you will tap into the voice of your heart.

You will be introduced to a variety of intentionally selected techniques and practices that cultivate presence, relaxation and self-awareness. To provide you with a range of experiences, different workshops on the topics: mindfulness and meditation, the power of breath, journaling from the heart or how to manage your energy will be held.

No experience whether in yoga, breathwork or meditation is required. Just come open-hearted and open-minded. You are invited to let go of any expectations or pressure you might normally put on yourself and embrace playfulness as well as curiosity about your inner landscape.


Imagine to have the choice from blueberry smoothie bowls and sweet potato waffles to vegetable pad thai with organic tempeh and tropical salad with homemade bread. All melas are cooked free of refined sugar and any preservatives.

We will enjoy two vegan buffets daily (brunch + dinner) and snacks in from of protein bars, energy ball etc. and fresh fruits are provided in-between.

All meals are plant-based, wholesome and organic and will be provided by Motion Fitness Food – local catering company. Including a variety of different dishes, all meals are served buffet style. All ingredients are carefully selected to ensure balanced vegan meals. Please note that this retreat doesn’t follow a strict and complex detox diet program.

How a day COULD look like on retreat

7:30 – 8:00 Breathwork
10:30 – 12:00 Vegan brunch
17:30 – 18:00 Crystal Bowl Meditation
8:00 – 9:00 Yoga Flow
15:00 – 16:30 Vision Journaling Workshop
18:30 Dinner

Please note that our time together is not another week of strict meetings and deadlines. Instead we welcome flow and ease in our life. To let go of any expectations and allow yourself to be fully present, no schedule in detail will be shared before the retreat. There will be a well thought balance of teachings, guided sessions, sharings and interactive workshops as well as enough free time for yourself.

To give you a glimpse of insight: we start every day with a breathwork and yoga session, followed by a plant-based brunch. The afternoon will consist of a mix between interactive workshops and free time to rest, read or explore. We meet again before dinner for guided meditation, a relaxing sound bath or a sharing circle. Together we share a vegan buffet style dinner in the evening.

About Friederike

Friederike is certified 800h+ yoga and meditation teacher, breath therapist as well as a mindset and empowerment coach. By integrating mindfulness practices like yoga, breathwork and meditation with coaching tools like NLP, Time Techniques, Hypnosis, and EFT Tapping, she helps you overcome inner limitations and rediscover a holistic balance within yourself.

Friederike has trained with some of the world’s top teachers. Over the years she has been developing her own teaching style. One informed by conscious movement and mind-body connection. Through a supportive practice, she helps you to become aware of blockages in your physical and emotional body and use yoga to release blocked energy and deepen self-awareness.

Friederike has a special connection with Bali as she travelled there for the first time in 2017. She feel in love with the Island of Gods and went back 2 years later to do her first ever hatha and vinyasa yoga teacher training in Ubud. Since then she has travelled back to Bali many times to live there as well as to attend different teacher trainings in various healing modalities. Her vision has always been to bring people to Bali and experience the magical energy on this island.


A tropical island paradise on the island of Gods, Bali

Nestled in Bali’s vibrant nature and overlooking the holy Balian river, this small resort gives a taste of barefoot luxury, and is the perfect hideaway for an unforgettable Bali trip.

All 10 Rooms are carefully designed with a nod to Mediterranean style and finished with graceful Balinese touches. All rooms are located along a beautiful, central, gently sloping down garden which offers spectacular views over Balian river.

Every room opens via sliding glass doors to a lush tropical garden and features coconut and teak wood accents.

They all feature an open-air shower and private terrace with daybed, and are intimate hideaways that combine privacy with a connection to the outdoors, as well as provide an authentic Bali adventure experience for spirited travelers seeking rustic refinement.

Expect a delicious farm to table experience! Throughout the retreat we will receive 3 vegan meals per day. The culinary experience  is inspired in mind, body and soul nourishment. Bali is on the world’s top list of conscious nutrition, and we are all about enjoying the worldly pleasures while staying healthy for a good life function.

Leistungen & Preise

The Art of Self-Empowerment

Date: 26.-30. April 2024


  • 1.690 Euros per person in the shared double room
  • 1.950 Euros per person in the single room

Services included:

  • 4 nights in a shared double suite with private bathroom
  • 2 daily vegan meals + afternoon snack
  • Daily Hatha Yoga Flow
  • Daily Breathwork & Meditation Sessions
  • Evening Sound Bath & Yoga Nidra
  • Balinese Fire Ceremony
  • Interaktive Workshops & Sharing Circles
  • Your trip is legally secured as a package tour with insolvency protection and a security certificate.

Not included:

  • Flights
  • Airport Transfer (optionally bookable)
  • Bali Visa Fees
  • Travel & Health Insurance

Notes & Services:

  • Minimum number of participants: 10, maximum 13 people
  • Let us know if you want us to organize airport transport for you
  • Reach out if you need any help with the bookings of your flights


The general terms and conditions of Wainando Travel GmbH apply. We reserve the right to make alterations.

The Art of Self-Empowerment with Friederike Kleinert

Ab  1.690,00